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Activities, Tours & Excursions

These are the greatest memories to give your employees when you want to create a bond and build unity with your team.

We have an array of adventures from GA Aquarium to fantastic Museums around the city.

We operate under the following:

NAICS (National American Industry Classification System)

  • 812990 Party Planning Services | Primary

  • 487110 Scenic Sightseeing Excursion, Land​

  • 561520 Tour Operators

  • 561499 Fundraising Campaign Services

  • 561599 All Other Travel Arrangements | Reservation Services

  • 611430 Professional & Management Development Training

Conferences & Meetings

We plan and execute your event from start to finish. We serve as your point of contact for all other vendors from photography and catering to everything else you need to complete your event. 

We operate under the following:

NIGP – National Institute of Governmental Purchasing

  • 915-23-00 Conference Coordinating & Planning Services

  • 924-60-80 Seminar

  • 924-60-90 Workshop

  • 958-92-00 Travel Management Services

  • 962-13-00 Hospitality Services (Including wine & cheese events)

  • 962-34-00 Event Planning Services

  • 962-60-00 Party, Holiday & Event Decorating Services

  • 962-87-00 Travel, Local (Provided by third party)

Private Parties


Wedding Management

This service is for the couple who is very organized and  making decisions is as easy as riding a bike.

You only need some assistance in narrowing down choices on the details to make your day exceptional.

We step in to be there to execute you dreams flawlessly on the day of your wedding.

Design & Decor

Design is our true calling we love to take your clients dreams, inspirations, personality and transform it into an entire unique experience.

We specialize in detail that will set the tone; tell your story or brand, through color, lighting, flowers, and any other detail that will set the stage for your event.

We have an extended collection of chic items to give your event or wedding a very personalized experience.  

Chic Experience

The Chic Experience combines our expertise in planning and our exceptional eye for design to create an unforgettable day with you not having to worry about any of the issues that arise on your big day.

You will receive monthly check-in and guidance to keep you on track. 

Corporate Events



We provide you with:

                    Venue selection

  •               Registration Management

  •               Event Technology

  •               Itinerary Creation

Baby  Showers

Celebrating the life of your children is a very joyous occasion. We can take care of theme selection, site location, and shower games that compliment your style.

You and you guests will be able to show up and enjoy each other while looking forward to welcoming your bundle of joy into the world!!

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